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Show the Work

Body of Work: The Art of Eating Disorder Recovery” is a sculptural diary that captures the emotional and mental bondage of living with anorexia. It is a raw, brutally honest account that transforms an often misunderstood illness into a visual and visceral experience. The work is available for showing on college campuses and at medical schools as well as in therapeutic settings and art venues.

Planning an Exhibit

Each installation is site-specific, tailored to the particular location and audience. The work shows best on expansive wall space. What began with a single paper tracing  exploded into a series of more than 100 sculptures. Some pieces hang from the ceiling. Free-standing work is grouped on platforms or pedestals. While a gallery setting is ideal, lobbies, libraries, multipurpose rooms and hallways also can be used. The assemblage-style forms vary in dimension and scale. The size of the exhibition space determines the number of sculptures shown. For the project to have optimal impact, it is desirable to show at least 30 pieces from the collection. Eight weeks lead time is needed to plan, promote, pack, ship and install. If time and space are limited, “Body of Work” can be experienced as a photo exhibition. This version  includes 50 poster-size images of the sculptures. Each photo-board is 24"x24", with descriptive text embedded. The work can easily be hung in a standard venue.

Mad Art Gallery Exhibit


I am frequently asked to talk about the work and share the story of my recovery journey. Presentations can be geared to professional audiences as well as patients, family members, students and the general public. Formats include: panel discussions; educational seminars; informal Q & A’s; support group meetings; community events; hands-on art workshops,  artist talks. Speaking engagements can be scheduled independently or in conjunction with an exhibition.  To inquire about speaking availability, please contact Judith Shaw.

Creaters and Frieghters ships Body of Work to your exhibit space.


Transporting the work is handled by an outside shipping company that also coordinates on-site delivery and pick-up. Packed in over-sized wooden crates, the artwork is delivered via truck to a loading dock nearest the exhibit location. I personally oversee the installation. Assistance is required mounting and dismantling the show.


My purpose in sharing the project is to inspire those struggling with eating disorders to seek state-of-the-art care and to foster greater understanding of these complex diseases among those who treat them. With that in mind, the artwork is loaned at no charge. I simply ask that out-of pocket costs be covered for shipping and handling the art and for travel and lodging expenses for me to oversee the installation. An estimate will be provided upon request. If funds are available for an honorarium, it is my wish that they be used to provide treatment for someone who might otherwise not have access to care.

Security and Insurance

The work is made from found objects and common everyday materials. It is not for sale so there is no assigned monetary value. If a piece were damaged, it would be repaired, remade or retired from the collection. The show is routinely hung in high-trafficked, public spaces where there is some form of security or reception personnel present. Loss or damage has not been an issue. For the photography exhibit, replacement cost insurance is recommended should individual photo boards be damaged while on display.


For information on exhibiting “Body of Work,” please contact Judith Shaw.

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