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“With naked simplicity and profound clarity, Judith Shaw’s Body of Work exposes the true underpinnings of eating disorders. These sculptures confront head on the emotional pain and psychological distortions that accompany these devastating illnesses. This art is a must-see, especially for doctors, families, and friends struggling to comprehend what individuals are experiencing when in the throes of an eating disorder.”



Author of Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders




“An artful way to look at eating disorders that gets to the heart of things.  The format offers patients, family members and professionals a poignant view of recovery.”



Editor-In-Chief, Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention




“This extraordinary collection affords medical students, doctors, patients and the public a moving and insightful view into the world of eating disorders and recovery.”



Director, Eating Disorders Center at Columbia Psychiatry

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

and Weill Cornell Medical College




“Inspiring and thought provoking.  The work is a compelling and articulate account of the experience of anorexia nervosa.  It captures the struggle of the disease, challenges of treatment and the eventual rewards of recovery.  That combination is something I have rarely seen in eating disorder-related art.”


Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Eating Disorders Program
The Johns Hopkins Hospital




“In terms of clinical education sessions at MIT Medical, I have never seen anything better in my decade here.”



Senior Program Manager

Community Wellness at MIT Medical




“The sculptures are powerful learning tools for doctors and future doctors. They help medical students appreciate the experience of anorexia from the patient’s perspective. The art draws on a personal and emotional understanding that we don't get in the classroom.”



MD Candidate, Washington University School of Medicine

Coordinator, Mental Health Outreach Program




"Body of Work" portrays a soul's struggle to become and remain embodied, demonstrating the power of art to touch us and to heal us.”



Medical Director and Founder of McCallum Place Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Washington University

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