Judith Shaw: Body of Work: The Art of Eating Disorder Recovery Header.

I began my creative career as a starving artist.  Not in the sense that I was struggling to make ends meet.  Rather, I was literally starving myself - trying to get by on as little food as possible in an incessant quest for thinness.  Starving is what spurred me to create art, and, today, although I have no formal art education or training, I consider myself every bit an artist.


Much of my work is made from cardboard boxes.  It doesn’t fit any recognized artistic genre.  The pieces blend unexpected combinations of materials with unconventional techniques that rely heavily on narrative.  I use mostly found objects.  Truthfully, the objects find me.  Much of the work emerges recklessly and looks haphazard, yet every detail is intentional.  Driven by intense passion and personal necessity, I’m spilling my guts - in images, words and forms.


The result is a collection of conceptual assemblages, that I call “Body of Work: The Art of Eating Disorder Recovery.”  The pieces capture the emotional truth of what it is like    when food, weight, exercise and body image take priority over every other human impulse or action. The forms reveal the inner savagery and destruction of an eating disorder and replay how it ravaged my body, psyche and spirit.  The work also explores the challenges and rewards of recovery.  It is a story of hope and healing.


The drive to create sculpture came to me while in treatment for anorexia, a journey of recovery and discovery that I began ten years ago. My purpose in sharing the project is to demystify eating disorders and inspire others struggling with these deadly diseases to seek help.   I also hope to promote dialogue and discussion as well as contemplation and conversation among medical professionals, educators and the public to improve early diagnosis, intervention and treatment. Thank you for being curious about my work.

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